Experience #1 - We come to you!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to find gold in California? Planning on going camping at Camp Williams and want to add a little more adventure to your trip? Placer Pete has just what you are looking for! Placer Pete will come to your campsite during your visit and show you just what it takes to find gold in "them thar hills!"


Did you know that Camp Williams played a big part in the 1870's Southern California Gold Rush? It is also the last deeded land on the East Fork of the San Gabriel River. It is on the famous East Fork of the San Gabriel River home of the 1870 Souther California Gold Rush. The San Gabriel River has been continually producing gold since it was first found in the 1800's. Interested in the history, want to know how to find that elusive color. Contact Placer Pete at

Placer Petes Gold Experience

We will coordinate a gold adventure while you camp at Camp Williams! You will get to visit with Placer Pete himself and he will let you in on some of the history of Camp Williams, Eldoradoville and Johnny Knocks Portwood (the bad man of the canyon). Here about the lost treasure stories and the rumored locations. Who knows, you may be the one who finds the buried stagecoach saddlebags filled with gold!

So if you are planning on staying at Camp Williams, contact us. After a few questions about your camping dates and other information, we will coordinate your Placer Pete's Experience and make your camping trip more of a gold prospecting adventure! The cost of this adventure varies on your desires.

Contact us for more details, we will be happy to cutomize an adventure for you and your fellow campers. (Fee's can run from $12.50 - $30 per person depending on what you would like, with a 2 person minimum)

Pete's Experince #1 Prices (they may vary with the season) - 2 person minimum

$12.50 / person (a visit with Pete. Pete will help you with finding gold, explain where it can be found, how to read the river, how to pan and more. You will also get a history talk of the area, like where is Eldoradoville, why do parts of the mountian look like thay have rows in them and some of them are just bare, are there any burried treasure stories of the area and who is Johnny Knox Portwood? He will answer any question you have (that he can of course). You will need to bring your own panning equipment - no gold guarentee) No Equipment? See our other options.

$20 / person (a visit with Pete (see above) and get his help with looking for gold. Pete will also supply you with a beginners gold pan per person, with vial and sucker tweezers - no gold guarentee but you get to keep the panning equipment!)

$30 / person (same as above but Pete will stay with your group until at least one person in your party finds some real gold!)

Arrangements can be made for any size group. Have a youth group? Contact us for special pricing, Pete loves working with youngins!

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